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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about The Good Feet Store? People are curious about their feet and The Good Feet Store. We love that.

Here are answers to many of the questions we’re often asked:

How are Good Feet arch supports different from inserts and insoles I can buy online or in drug stores?

Good Feet arch supports are designed to provide the firm, yet flexible function necessary to help correct poor foot biomechanics, providing long term pain-relief solutions. Most importantly, Good Feet arch supports are fitted based on how your feet are proportioned and your individual foot type, not your shoe size.

How much do the Good Feet arch supports cost?

Depending on your lifestyle, work, and foot structure we offer many different styles, sizes, and types of supports to fit your feet. We offer personally fitted arch supports, many backed with a lifetime warranty, from $170 and up.**

Why does Good Feet have so many different arch supports?

Different foot types may respond and feel better with a specific amount or type of support. For example, some people just like how an ultra-firm support feels and performs, while others prefer a softer, more accommodative style of support.

How much do good feet cost?

This is a common question. But the real question should be, how much has having bad feet cost you?  Since 1995, our clients have told us over and over again, that Good Feet arch supports have been the best investment they’ve made in themselves. Find what you’ve been missing, schedule your free, personal fitting today and there’s never any obligation to buy. 

Will Good Feet’s arch supports fit in the shoes I already have?

Yes. You’ve already invested in good shoes, so, you should be able to enjoy them. Good Feet provides a wide range of styles that will easily fit into just about any style of shoe, boot, or sandal.

What are the best orthotic insoles?

The best orthotics are first and foremost effective!  And, they should provide long-term, lasting pain relief and comfort.  Since 1995, Good Feet Arch Supports have provided our customers with foot pain, plantar fasciitis, heel-hip-back-& knee pain relief. But, for a good orthotic to be effective, it should also be properly fitted, which is why you won’t find Good Feet arch supports on-line, in a drug store or discount clubs.Good Feet Arch Supports are truly the best orthotic insole on the market as validated by over hundreds of thousands of satisfied Good Feet Customers.

How do I get my free fitting and test walk?

It’s simple. Just stop by any Good Feet Store. No appointment is necessary, but if you prefer, you can schedule an appointment at the Lancaster Good Feet store near you.

Disclaimer ** All arch support terms, conditions, prices, warranties and return policies vary based on the style, model and the Good feet Store location where they were purchased at.